Welcome to Cosmo's...
We Love Food!!
(and wine, great espresso, friendly banter...)
That's what you want in a restaurant and delicatessen, right?  People passionate about what they're serving you?
You Bet! We love to eat great food and are always seeking out new and interesting flavor combinations to
grace the plate in the restaurant and your table at home.  
From simple flavors to complex combinations... food is one of life's great adventures!!

Our customers know food, and they know the ingredients in our recipes are the best quality available.   They know that we make everything
by hand, in small batches, including our restaurant entrees, our deli salads, our soups, and the delectable meals to go in our freezer to take
home to your own oven,  and
that's the Cosmo's difference.  
So, if quality food is something you crave, Cosmo's is your place.

Cheeses from around the world grace our cases, and we'd love to sample them with you.  Our prices are most often less than the big
grocery stores, and we actually know the names of the cheeses, where they come from, how they're made, and will let you taste them

BEFORE you spend your money
.  We're so confident that we can offer you superior service, knowledge, and pricing that we will
guarantee it!!
Come on in and let's eat some cheese!!

We proudly serve Caffe Umbria coffee, roasted here in the Puget Sound and served in select restaurants and coffee houses including
the Culinary Institute of America in Napa.  Immanuelle and Jesse are all about quality, so the fit was perfect. You can check out their
story at Caffeumbria.com, and please come by for a taste of this extraordinarily smooth Italian roast coffee and espresso. As with most
things at Cosmo's, we do it the old-fashioned way...
Our espresso is hand-tamped!!

If you love to cook but can't always come up with a quick idea to wow your family and/or friends, let Two Snootie Chefs spices make it
easy for you! We carry the entire line of these fabulous spices and lots of simply wonderful recipes to use them. Chris and Gary have
gone above and beyond to bring you special spice mixes that are easy to use and easy to stock in your pantry! Gift packs available, too!!

Finally, Cosmo's would like to extend an invitation to come in and smell the smells, taste the tastes, and get to know the Cosmo's
difference.  Whether it's lunch, dinner, specialty foods, meals to go, or tray catering you need, our Cosmo's Crew is waiting to serve you.  

Come be part of our Cosmo's Ristorante & Delicatessen Family and experience the difference
Exemplary Customer Service, Caring People, and a Passion for Food can make!
Ristorante & Delicatessen
1821 SE Lund Ave.
Port Orchard, WA 98366
(360) 895-3138
Restaurant Hours:  Tuesday through Saturday  11a - 9p
Sundays 10a
- 8p  /  Mondays 11a - 8p
Deli Hours: Sunday 10a-8p... Mon-Sat 11a - 8p