About Cosmo's...
 Cosmo's Deli is so much more than a deli.  Sure, you can get freshly made pasta salads, our own marinated
artichokes and Sicilian olives, sandwiches to die for and tantalizing desserts. You can also get any of our over
40 cheeses and 10 different meats sliced while you wait (and, yes, we have prosciutto and coppacolla).  You
can also get hand-made meals from our freezer case to take home to your own oven as well as delectable
bread dippers, tart caper berries, gluten-free bread and pasta, hot curry paste, a gutsy red wine, a crisp
Italian white table wine, or a rapture-inducing chocolate dessert.       Yeah.     Really.
 We are a small deli, a full-service restaurant, specialty food market, and home away from home.  We'll make
you Sunday brunch, anyday lunch or dinner, cater your party, help you host your business meeting, and
listen to your concerns about the weather.   You complete us....    Well, okay, that's going a little far, but, really,
we wouldn't be in this business is we didn't like two things:  FOOD and PEOPLE.
  We have GREAT menus!   We have daily specials and we make our own fresh soups, sauces, spreads
and dressings every day. If you would like to know our daily and dinner specials each week, simply choose the
"contact us" button above and fill in the information, specifying that you’d like to be in our e-club.  You'll get
weekly updates on our specials and the occasional really cool deal or coupon. Also, you'll be the first to know
of our plans and any events that might be coming up.
  Click above for directions, for menus, or to contact us. Or call (360) 895-3138 in Port Orchard,
Washington to talk to any of our Cosmonauts on staff.  We'd love to hear from you.   Really.  We wouldn't lie
about a thing like that!
Cosmo's Ristorante &
1821 SE Lund Ave.
Port Or chard, WA 98366
(360) 895-3138
Here's our little disclaimer... Occasionally we change things like pricing and menu items or ingredients. This website does
not always reflect current information. Please keep that in mind, and feel free to give us a call with any questions you may
have. We love hearing from you!